The Red Snowball Tree
The Red Snowball Tree

Release Date

Jul 01, 2016


The Red Snowball Tree





Duty, guilt, delayed redemption and retribution are the themes of this movie, which has resonances with Dostoevsky's works. Yegor Prokudin is an orphan who grew up in a criminal gang. While he was free, he did not lose his innocent, joyful heart, but many years in prison have taken away his joy in living. The film opens on the occasion of his release from prison. Soon, he discovers love with a village peasant girl, Lyuba who restores his will to live and fills him with an enthusiasm for rural life. Their idyll is short-lived, as his former associates will not leave him alone.


Vasiliy Shukshin

Lidiya Fedoseyeva-Shukshina

Ivan Ryzhov

Mariya Skvortsova

Aleksey Vanin

Mariya Vinogradova

Olga Bystrova

Lev Durov

Georgi Burkov

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